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Many Bible records were made before the official recording of births, weddings & deaths occurred at the various County seats. Traveling into a County Court House by horse to see that a birth, death or marriage was recorded was difficult. Bible records are indeed a resource of great importance to family researchers.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bitley Family Records and Bible Extractions

Found at the Lenawee County Historical Society Museum Archives, in a Hollinger box, file labeled “Bitley”. The file contains 6 pages, we have indicated the beginning of each typed page by the words ‘Next Page”. The file begins with a letter:

819 North Fifth Avenue
Tucson, Arizona
March 9, 1942

Dear Mrs. Bowen:

I expected to answer your letter long before this but was so busy just about the time it came I put if off, for a few days, which turned out to be this long. I do hope I have not delayed you in any way.

The front cover of the old bible is gone, but at the beginning of the New Testament I found this:

of our
Translated out of
and with the
- - - - - - - - -
Instituted in the year MDCCCXVL
- - - - - - - - -

I suppose that is what is needed, and I suppose 1857 is the date of this publication. Anyway if this is not the desired information I will not be able to furnish it, this bible has had hard use, and the only reason we still have the flyleaf with the original writing of my great grandmother’s on it is that when it came off it was put inside with the family records. The bible is yellow with age and spotted as if it might have been damp. Of course Kentucky has quite a bit of moisture in the winter and spring and that could have been just natural for an old book to turn that way.

Did I tell you that I got wonderful results with my search for the White family, not so good with the Wells line, but a lead to follow up. Mrs. Minnie White Allen (Mrs. William P.) answered my D.A.R. query and sent me a complete record of

(End of that typed page, it seems to have left off in the middle doesn’t it?)

Next page:

Family Record from Bible of
Sylvia Bitley Wells which she presented
to her daughter Laura Phildelia Wells Curd

On flyleaf of Bible is written in the handwriting of Sylvia Wells the following:

“Sylvia Wells Bible Bought 1865 Homer Michigan
Presented to Laura P. Curd from her Mother 1887 North Tower Kentucky.”

The following entries were copied from this Bible and presented to the Compiler by Jessamine Bland James (Mrs. Roland M.), 819 North 5 Ave., Tucson, Arizona. The Bible is now owned by Mrs. James’ mother, Mrs. James William Bland, 245 East Third Street, Tucson, Arizona, who is a daughter of Mrs. Laura Phidelia Wells Curd (Mrs. Alexander Curd)

Family Record

In Manlius Onondago Co. Oct. 8th 1829 Green Wells and Sylvia Bitley, by Rev. Mr. Doolittle of the same place.

In Millburg Berrien Co., Mich. G. A. Wells to Elizabeth Styles.

In Homer Calhoun County Michigan 1860 Charles W. Wells to Theresa Stibley

In Athens Calhoun County Michigan 1865 Erie G. Wells to Laura J. Padelford.

In Homer Calhoun County Mich. by Elder Bangs R.J. Foster of Coopersville Mich. to Martha A. Wells.

In Clarendon Calhoun Co. Mich. by Elder Ashley Alexander Curd of Mercer Co., Kentucky to Laura P. Wells Jan. 8th 1866

In Constantine Mich. by Rev. Mr. Swint David W. Perry of Hillsdale Mich. to Sarah J. Wells Nov. 16th 1870.

Married by Rev. Mr. Yeomans of Millville Orleans Co. N.Y. Myron L. Wells to Maggie McGuire of Barre Orleans Co., N.Y.

Married by Rev. Mr. Taylor of Bellevue Eaton Co., Mich. July 2nd, 1871 W. J. Wilton to Sylvia M. Wells.

In Eaton Rapids Mich. Dec. 13th 1876 by Rev. Wm. Doust Charles D. Peters of Brookfield, Mich. to Eunice E. Wells of the same place.

In Nebraska Erie G. Wells to Nellie Crooks

In Michigan Hillsdale Co. Oct. 10th 1883 Leonard Olney to Sarah J. Perry.

In Indiana G. A. Wells to Eliza Stuart

Sylvia R. Curd and Albert Ayers
Sylvia R. Ayers and J. H. Betzer Jan 1894

Next page:

Family Record

In April 15th Montgomery Co., N.Y. 1803 Green Wells

In Moreau, Saratoga Co., N.Y. Sylvia Bitley, June 22, 1810

In Sullivan Maddison Co., N.W. G. A. Wells Nov. 30th 1830

Sullivan Maddison Co., N.W. Myron L. Wells June 12, 1833

Sullivan Maddison Co., N.W. Charles W. Wells, Mar. 16th 1835

Clarendon Mich., Erie G. Wells May 28th 1837

Clarendon Mich., Martha A. Wells May 9th 1839

Clarendon Mich., Sarah J. Wells, July 26th 1841

Clarendon Mich., S. Albert Wells July 5th 1843

Clarendon Mich., Laura P. Wells March 2nd 1845

Clarendon Mich., Nancy M. Wells Dec. 20 1848 died in 1851

Clarendon Mich., Sylvia M. Wells Feb. 9th 1853

Clarendon Mich., Eunice E. Wells July 14 1855

Born in Kalamo Eaton Co Mich March 25th 1874 Herbert R. Wilton son of Sylvia Wilton

Born in Reading Mich., Emmett E. Wells, Fred Wells, sons of Myron L. Wells

Herbert Wells, Eugene Wells, Minnie Wells, Children of Allen & Elizabeth Wells

Sylvia Grace Wells child of G. A. and Eliza Wells

Flora Jane child of Charles and Theresa Wells

Flora M. Foster, Frank W. Foster, R.J. Foster, Elbert Foster children of R.J. and Martha Foster

Effie May Wells, Emma Wells, Sylvia J. Wells, children of Erie G. and Nellie Wells

Olive Grace Perry child of David W. and Sarah J. Perry, born April 16, 1873 Olive Grace Perry & Robert Ingersoll married June 1898

Sylvia R. Curd, Mercer C. Curd, G. May Curd, Cora W. Curd children of Alex. and Laura Curd

Grandchild of Green & Sylvia Wells Roscoe D. Peters child of C.D. and Eunice E Peters.

Next page:

Family Record

Births continued

Grandchildren of A.Curd and Laura P. Curd
Frank Thompson Ayers at Topeka, Kan. Feb. 1st 1891, child of Sylvia R. and Albert Ayers.

Born Oct. 23, 1897 at High Bridge, Ky., Wilburn Bland Walker child of R.W. and G.M. Walker

Born July 25th 1900 Joseph Alexander Walker child of R.W. and G. May Walker

Born Nov. 29th 1897 at High Bridge Ky., Eunice Cora Bland child of J.W. and C. Wessie Bland

Born July 5th 1899 May Jessamine Bland, child of J.W. and C. Wessie Bland.

Family Record


Green Wells June 7th 1873, at Coopersville, Mich.

Sylvia Wells, Oct. 1st 1889 at 1:30 A.M. buried Hillsdale Mich
Died in Brookfield, Mich. Text Psalms 116: 15 verse

Sylvia R. Betzer died Jan 16th 1895

Laura P. Curd born March 2 1845 died Feb. 6th at 1 P.M. 1917
Funeral text Rev. 14: 13

Charles W. Wells born March 16, 1835 died May 19, 1917

Nancy M. Wells died Aug. 10 1851

S. Albert Wells Sept 21st 1866 at Clarendon, Mich

Laura J. Wells wife of Erie Wells Died Dec. 22nd 1865 Clarendon, Mich.

Minnie and Eugene Wells children of G.A. and Elizabeth Wells died August 1867 (twins) Millburg Mich.

David W. Perry Died Feb. 4th 1883 Hillsdale Mich

Leonard Olney Did May 1892 at Hillsdale Mich

G.A. Wells died May 10th 1900 at Millburg, Mich

Martha A. Foster died Apr. 22nd, 1905 at 6:18AM. at Bass River, Mich.

Maggie Wells wife of Myron L. Wells died Sept 4th 1905 at Paw Paw, Mich
Myron L. Wells died June 24, 1906 and buried at Paw Paw, Mich

Elbert Foster died Sept 6th 1908

Reuben Foster died Nov. on Thanksgiving day 1906

Eunice E. Peters died Feb. 16, 1909

Erie G. Wells died May 29th 1909

Sarah J. Olney died Jan 28th 1913

Next page:

Family Record

Deaths continued

Nellie Wells wife of Erie Wells died Apr 19th 1913

Sylvia M. Wilton died April 22nd 1916


Family record copied from another Bible owned by Laura Phidelia Wells Curd (Mrs. Alexander Curd) a daughter of Sylvia Bitley and Green Wells, This Bible is also in possession of Cora Weston Curd Bland (Mrs. James William Bland) a daughter of Laura P. Curd.

Family Record

Alexander Curd was born April 4th 1845 Mercer County Ky.,

Laura P. Wells was born March 2nd 1845 Calhoun County Michigan

Alexander Curd and Laura P. Wells were joined in Holy Matrimony on the 8th day of January 1866 by John Ashley minister Clarendon Calhoun County Michigan

Children of A. & L.P. Curd

Sylvia Rebecca Curd was born August 9th 1867 at Kalamo, Eaton Co., Mich.

Mercer Calhoun Curd was born Sept 1st 1869 at Quincy, Adams Co., Iowa

Geneva May Curd was born November 19th 1872 Mercer County Ky.

Cora Weston Curd was born August 20th 1877 Shaker Bend Ky.


In Topeka Kansas Dec. 14 1889 Sylvia R. Curd & Albert A. Ayers of Winslow Arizona

In Lexington, Ky Dec. 12th 1893 J. William Bland and Cora Wessie Curd by Rev. Felix.

In Desmoin Iowa Jun 15th 1894 J.H. Betzer and Sylvia R. Ayers by Rev. E.T. Bartlett

In Lexington, Ky July 3rd 1894 Mercer C. Curd and Millie Sutphin By Rev. Bartlett Divorced Oct. 1899

At Mt. Freedom, Ky Sept 6th 1896 Robert Walker & G. May Curd by Rev. B.F. Taylor officiating

In Council Bluff, Iowa Oct 31, 1899 Mercer C. Curd & Emma Lampert.


Albert Ayers killed by Railroad train Apr. 6th 1891 at Nickerson, Kansas

Next page:

Deaths continued

Sylvia R. Betzer died Jan 18th 1895 at Seward, Nebraska

Laura P. Curd died Feb. 6th 1917 at 1 P.M. at Danville, Ky.


In the Bible of Laura Phidelia Wells Curd written in her handwriting
In a separate sheet with the following written on it:

“ Grandfather and mother’s family”

“Green Wells Sept 24 , 1768
Abigail Wells Sept 24, 1770 maiden name White
Children of the above
David Wells March 26 1790
Roxey Wells Nov. 24 1792
Hannah Wells May 30th 1794
Ozias Wells May 15 1796
Abbey Wells Sept 15 1798
George Wells Aug. 15, 1801
Green Wells Apr. 15, 1803
Phidelia Wells July 6th 1806
Melzer Wells Jan 23, 1808
Laura Wells Nov. 30, 1811”

On the other side of the same sheet is recorded in the same handwriting

“Grandfather Bitley
Peter Bitley born 1793 Aug.
Martha Bitley Sept 24 1780”

In this same Bible is a sheet with the same record of the above Wells family of Green and Abigail White Wells and children copied by Charles W. Wells and he states “I have the original copy of this that Uncle Melzer used to own presented to me by Ora Lees widow.”
(The following in Handwriting)

(Charles W. Wells was Grandmother’s brother and since he had the original copies owned by his Uncle Melzer it is safe to assume this, record as Grandmother had it is correct as for dates and names of her Grandparents + Uncles + Aunts.)

Also in the Bible are newspaper clippings of the deaths of the following (which are very interesting for family history.)

Sarah J. Wells Olney Charles W. Wells
Eunice E. Peters
Laura Wells Curd
Sylvia Rebecca Curd Betzer
Alexander Curd
Eric G. Wells

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