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Many Bible records were made before the official recording of births, weddings & deaths occurred at the various County seats. Traveling into a County Court House by horse to see that a birth, death or marriage was recorded was difficult. Bible records are indeed a resource of great importance to family researchers.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Delon Bible

Found in bible at the Adrian Public Library. This bible has no cover, so the date of publication cannot be determined. The family records were written in several different handwrittings and are of the old script.

(Additional information added January 2012: A transcription of this Bible was located at the Lenawee County Historical Society Museum Archives room in a Hollinger box in a file labeled “Delon”.  At the top of the transcription we find:

Printed and Published, Wholesale and Retail by
G. M. Davison
- - - - - - - 

This Bible owned by Bertha P. Dillon (Mrs. Morris N.), 422 North Main St, Adrian, Mich.  

Additional information from this Bible is indicated below in BOLD and RED.)


Henry Delon, son of Mark Delon and Ann his wife, was born the 18th day of the 7th month 1778.

Penninah Morgan, daughter of James Morgan and Millicent his wife, was born the 26th day of the 4th month 1785.

Mary Delon, daughter of Henry Delon and Penninah his wife, was born the 24th day of the 9th month 1819.

David Delon, son of Henry Delon and Penninah his wife, was born the 21st day of the 4th month 1821.

Jonathan Delon, son of Henry Delon and Penninah his wife, was born the 17th day of the 12th month 1822.

Mary Rowe, daughter of David and Elizabeth Rowe was born Feb. 21, 1866 in Kansas.


Henry Delon and Penninah Morgan was married the 22nd day of the 10th month 1818.

George W. Dillon, the adopted son of Jonothan and Manerva Dillon was married to Mary Rowe June 12, 1881.


Morris N. Dillon was born April 5, 1882

Maud Dillon was born Nov. 2, 1884

Robert I. Dillon was born March 12, 1886

Ralph W. Dillon was born June 22, 1894

Samuel Dillon was born October 21, 1908.

George W. Dillon was born June 12, 1858.

Mary Dillon was born Feb. 21, 1865  (1866 per transcription)

In handwritten notes on the transcription:
Bertha Porter married June 27, 1907 Morris N. Dillon at Fruit Ridge by Rev. Geo Sheets of Weston


Henry Delon son of Mark Delon and Ann his wife, departed this life on the 15th day of the 12th month 1828.

Mary Delon departed this life the 6th day of the 12th month 1820.

David Delon departed this life the 6th day of the 11th month 1822.

Millicent Morris departed this life the 29th day of the 8th month 1834.

Penninah Delon, daughter of James Morgan and Millicent, his wife, departed this life the 11th day of the 3rd month of 1867.

Samuel Delon, brother of Jonathan P. Delon, and son of Henry Delan and Peninah died.

Manerva Delon, wife of Jonothan P. Delon departed this life April 21, 1900.

Jonothan P. Delon, departed this life on the 22nd day of the 10th month 1904. (See below for more) (In transcription given name spelled as Jonathan.)

Samuel Dillon, died the same day of this birth, October 21, 1908.

Maud Hodson, daughter of George W. and Mary Dillon, died Jan. 29, 1909.

Geo. W. Dillon, adopted son of Jonothan P. and Manerva Delon, departed this life July 24, 1924.

(None of these names were found in the birth and death index for Lenawee County, Michigan. The spellings are correct. I checked them several times.)

(New information found in the transcription, handwritten and hard to read, use caution: 
ch of Morris N. & Bertha Dillon: 
Donald F. Dillon married September 12, 1942 to Marie E. Faulhaber dau Augustus A. Faulhaber of Adrian at St. Mary’s Catholic Church by Rev. Fr. Jas. W (initial hard to read) Cotter.
Alan Dillon visited bro Donald at Forest Hills, NY.
Dorothy dau M.N. Dillon 426 N. Main St. Is instructor in Bible in Sharksville Miss.  Public schools, Grad Adrian 1936 Columbia Bible College SC 1942 Tel.  Nov 14 1943
Born to Mr and Mrs Donald Dillon of Forest Hills, a son Nov 27, 1943.)


Obituary from a newspaper found with the bible records.

Russiaville, Ind. Oct. 26, 1904

The body of "Uncle" Jonathan Dillon arrived here Monday night on the midnight Clover Leaf train from his late home in Indianapolis and was taken to the home of J.A. DeLon on North Liberty street.

The funeral services were help at New London Friends church on Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock, conducted by Rev. Reagan, pastor of the church.

The deceased was born in Pasquatauk County, North Carolina in 1822 and moved to Indiana in a wagon at an early age. He moved to Monroe township in 1879 and for a number of years was in the saw milling business with foster son, George W. Dill, at the old Stratton Mill near the village of New London. He was also was the hack driver and mail carrier between New London and Kokomo for a long term of years, his son being the contractor in the latter years of his service. The family moved to Russiaville several years ago and “Uncle” Jonathan became a well known character on our streets. About two years ago they moved to Indianapolis and Mr. Dillon went with them, but made several return trips to this village and New London. He was a remarkable man in many respects.

In his youth he received a very liberal education in Guilford college, North Carolina, and attended a course of medical lectures and engaged in the practice of his chosen proffession in North Carolina a few years. Even after he had passed his four-score years he was a great reader and spent a large portion of his spare moments with his favorite authors. He was a delightful conversationalist and spent many hours in the office library of the writer, where he talked very intelligently about the books he read and whiled away the tedious hours in absorbing good literature.

He was a man of rough exterior and did not make much display of his finer qualities and not many knew the debths that might be reached by coming in contact with his inner life. The young man, Morris Dillon, who has reached some distinction in college life was, no doubt, largely influenced by this old man to take the steps he has in securing an education, for he was his constant companion during the days of his childhood and early youth. We feel that the good that Jonathan Dillon was enabled to accomplish should not be interred with his bones and this is why we write these words of praise. That which was worst in his nature cropped out to the surface; that which was best modestly witheld so that he was not appreciated at his full worth.


Letter found with the obituary, copied in full, spellings and punctuation as they
appeared in original:

Indianapolis Ind. ?oune 20th 1904 (Could this be June 20, 1904??)

Dear brother I concluded to try & write

thee a letter this morning
write thee a letter this morning
but I expect it will be badly done
for I dont improve any but I am
improving as to health. I have had
a very serious through of it this last
winter & spring enough to put almost any
anybody out of heart but I am
going yet & as I say am improving
slowly but not a ???? I don’t expect to
get well again. I dont know as I
shall but I believe it would be a
benefit to me I have staid cooped
so long here that I am that tired
I dont know what to do. I went
down in Howard a couple of weeks
ago & I thought it helped me greatly
We are all in good health
Morris is in Wisconsin at
Lake Geeniva resuricating with
the YMCA the


(Note to researchers, everything from this point to the end is new as of January 2012, this information was attached to the file as it was found at the Lenawee County Historical Society Museum Archives, as noted above.  It will be in black font.)

and additional data from note book


I.  James Morgan and Anne, his wife were  m.  Nov. 15, 1733
James Morgan   d. June 9, 1771; Anne, his wf d.  Jan. 27, 1775

Children of James 1st and Anne Morgan:

Marey Morgan   b. Sep. 18, 1734
Mearin Morgan  b. Apr. 20, 1737
Elizabeth Morgan  b. Aug. 11, 1738
Seth Morgan   b. Sep. 16, 1740
James Morgan Jr.,   b. May 25, 1743   d. Nov 13, 1799 ae 56-5-22
Selpha Morgan,  b. Jan 5, 1745
Charles Morgan,  b. Apr. 27, 1746   d. Nov 19, 1795  age abt 49y 6m 8
Benjamin Morgan  b. Nov 16, 1748  [Name looks like Beniniam]
Hannah Morgan   b. Dec 16, 1750
Seth Morgan 2nd  b. July 25, 1753
Lemuel Morgan  b. Apr. 25, 1756  [m. Mirian - - - ]

II James Moran 2nd and Hannah his wife were m. Mar. 16, 1768
Hannah Morgan   d. Nov 7, 1780 ae 35y 3m 12d  James Morgan   d. Nov. 13, 1799  ae 56y 5m 22d

Children of James 2nd and Hannah Morgan:

Millicent Morgan   b Jan 1, 1769
James Morgan  b. Mar 7, 1771  d.  Aug 17, 1774  age 3 y 5m
Sarah Morgan   b. July 31, 1773
Charles Morgan   b. Apr 28, 1777

James Morgan 2nd  m Apr 2, 1783  Millicent Symons
b.  July 17, 1762

Children of Millicent of James Morgan:  2nd. Marriage

James Morgan  b. Dec. 22, 1783  d.  Nov 1, 1785  (handwritten beside this death date is another, Sep. 29, 1825)
Penninah Morgan  b. Apr 26, 1785 [m. Henry Delon]
Lydd Morgan  b. Nov. 1, 1786
Margaret Morgan  b. June 18, 1788
Mary Morgan  b. Aug. 15, 1791
Nathan Morgan  b. May 24, 1793
Anne Morgan   b. Mar. 4, 1795
Sammy (handwritten beside this is Samuel) Morgan   b. Mar 7, 1797  d. Sep 29, 1825
Jonathan Morgan   b.  Jan 16, 1799  d. Apr 12, 1800
Mary Morgan, dau of Samuel  (Samuel is crossed off, Lemuel is written above that) and Mirian Morgan  b. Nov 5, 1775
Daniel Taylor  b. Dec 11, 1749

From Morgan Note Book:

Account of Negro Lidds children.

Jonas was b. 22nd day of 10th mo 1774  Sold Lid to John
henby the 12 day of the 1st month, 1776  Pages out

A token for time whentoney was bout it was in the year 1733 May the 2nd.
Rose was bought August 23 day in theyear 1736
Philipe was born march 8th day 1739
Juda was Born the 19th of November in the year 1740

Daniel Talyer was Born in ye year 1749 December ye 11day

[Hoped to find price of slave among the accounts but find on this entry:

Received of James Morgan by a woman 4 (next character/letter cannot be read, may be the single letter representing the pound sterling)  year about 1753
Who received the money not given

The birth and decease of Morgan family scattered through the book.

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