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Many Bible records were made before the official recording of births, weddings & deaths occurred at the various County seats. Traveling into a County Court House by horse to see that a birth, death or marriage was recorded was difficult. Bible records are indeed a resource of great importance to family researchers.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Knapp Bible on a Door

Found at the Lenawee County Historical Society was this VERY unusual bible page.

This is a page that is apparently out of an old bible. The page has been glued to a piece of wood. The wood is flat on one side, but has the raised features of a cabinet door on the other side. No one could tell me where this door and its bible page came from. The bible page was glued to the flat side of the door and someone had written letters and numbers in pencil on the other side, but they could not be read because they were so faint.

The bible page had holes and the some of the writing is extremely faint. I had to use a magnifying glass and lots of light to extract the names and dates. There could very well be errors, but I tried my best.

At the top of the page it said Family Record, the next line had the words: Names, Births, Marriages, Deaths with a column for each. I will report the information line, by line, name and then what dates were filled in. Abbreviations, b for birth, m for marriage, d for death:

Abraham Knap b. December 25, 1789 (although this could be either 1784 or 1787. m. Nov. 6, 1803 d. Feb 24, 1865 (this could be 1835 or 1855).

Elizabeth Drake b. December 17, 1788 m. November 5, 1809 d. Oct. 9, 1843

Jacob W. Knap b. January 20, 1811 m. June 9, 1833 d. April 1, 1834.

Jane Knapp b. March 21, 1815 m. April 17, 1832 d. Nov 8 or 18, 1862.

Elizabeth and Mary Knap b. June 9, 1815 (now this part gets a bit confusing, as it is obvious we have twin girls here, and I had to guess as the party recording these dates put both girls on one line) Mary m. May 4, 1834 d. May 15, 1841 Elizabeth d. 1903 (did not see a date of marriage for her)

Charles Knap b. August 8, 1817 m. Sept. 13, 1840 d. Aug 22, 185?

Joel B. Knap b. May 4, 1820 m. 1843 d. Feb. 6, 18??

Abraham Knap Jun b. _____7, 1829 m. April 2, 1851 d. Sept. 2, 1868

John S. Knap b. ______7, 1824 m. April 2, 1851 d. Dec. 28, 1893. (Note the similarity to the bible record titled Knapp Bible, John J. Knapp born Nov. 24, 1825 and married April 24, 1851. Remember the ink on this bible page glued to a door is very, very faint.)

Hiram Knap b. October 25, 1829 m. March 26, 1853 d. Jan 31, 1869.

Harriet N. Knap b. May 9, 1830 d. June 10, 1830.

James R. Knap b. Dec. 29, 18_3 d. May 17, 1910.

Can you imagine someone gluing their bible page to the door of a cabinet to preserve it? This is probably one of the most unusal bible/family records I have seen.

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