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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marlatt Bible Records, Part 2

NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND PAGE OF THIS RECORD, See here for page 1. Note all surnames contained in this record are not shown in the Labels for this blog, the limitation of 20 has been exceeded.

Found at the Lenawee County Historical Society Archives Room in a Hollinger Box, file marked Marlatt. This record contains bible records, records that came from a family member, and records that are unindentified. The records from the Hollinger Box will be copied exactly here, taking particular care with spellings, however, spacing from the typed version found in the Hollinger may be altered here for space considerations. Notations will be made where necessary to indicate handwritten notes, etc.

HALL RECORD, continued

Hosea Hall and Mary Elizabeth Aten were m. Mar. 3, 1866 at Tecumseh. Mary Elizabeth Aten b. Jan. 25, 1846 d. Aug. 25, 1907

Children of Hosea and Mary Elizabeth Hall:

Willie Hall b. Feb. 11, 1867 d. Apr. 26, 1867
Nellie Hall b. July 17, 1868 d. Sep. 21, 1868
Lavern C. Hall b. May , 1874
Maude Elvina Hall b. Feb. 9, 1884 m. Sep. 26, 1906 Hartley Stretch, who d. Apr. 18, 1936 ae 74 y 26 d.

Seloma E. Hall and Nathan Marlatt were m. Dec. 29, 1865 at Tecumseh
Nathan Marlatt b. Mar. 18, 1830 d. Oct. 19, 1860, Adduson (Note of extractor: sic--Addison)

Children of Nathan and Seloma E. Hall Marlatt:

Jerry H. Marlatt b. Oct. 3, 1866 m. Louise Henig, Feb. 22, 1887
Edward B. Marlatt b. July 7, 1868 m. Gertrude Holmes
Harriet Ann Marlatt b. Dec 13, 1871 m. Charles Randall.

Seloma E. Marlatt and George H. Jackson were m. Apr. 18, 1882 at Tecumseh

Edward B. Marlatt and Gertrude Holmes were m. Nov. 28, 1895
Gertrude Holmes b. May 21, 1880

They had:
Aleatha Marlatt b. July 4, 1897

George H. Jackson b. Aug. 2, 1843 d.

Hosea G. Jackson, son of Geo. H., b. Mar. 16, 1883; he married, July 21, 1907, Minnie Kitchen, at Washington Twp., she b. July 29, 1884

Children of Jerry H. and Louise Marlatt:

Roy Marlatt b. Sep. 1, 18 m. Rachael Harris
Floyd N. Marlatt b. Mar. 25, 1891 m. Christine Johnson
Leslie A. Marlatt b. July 16, 1893

Louise Henig b. Aug. 27, 1867 d. Mar. 23, 1931, Adrian

(end of page)

Hall, Semantha Ann and Henry Ives were m. Mar. 18, 1851 at Clinton,
Henry Ives b. Dec. 23, 1815 d. June 19, 1890, Adrian Twp.

Children of Henry and Semantha Ives:

Mary Jane Ives b. May 18, 1852 d. Jan. 18, 1888
Emma Marie Ives b. July 28, 1854 d. Mar. 1899
Charles Ives b. Apr. 5, 1859
Freddie William Ives b. Jan. 13, 1869

Hall, Hosea and Mary Elizabeth Aten were m. Mar. 3, 1866 at Tecumseh,
Mary Elizabeth b. Jan. 25, 1846 d. Aug. 25, 1907

Children of Hosea and Mary Elizabeth Hall:

Willie Hall b. Feb. 11, 1867 d. Apr. 26, 1867
Nellie Hall b. July 17, 1868 d. Sep. 21, 1868
Lavern C. Hall b. May 1, 1874
Maude Elvina Hall b. Feb. 9, 1884 m. Sep. 26, 1906, Hartley Stretch, [d. Apr. 18, 1936, ae 74y 26d - Press Notice]

Hall, Seloma E. And Nathan Marlatt were m. Dec. 2, 1865 at Tecumseh. Nathan Marlatt b. Mar. 18, 1830 d. Oct. 19, 1880, Addison.

Children of Nathan and Seloma Marlatt:

Jerry H. Marlatt b. Oct. 3, 1866
Edward B. Marlatt b. July 7, 1868
Harriet Ann Marlatt b. Dec. 13, 1871 m. Charles Randall

Marlatt, Seloma E. (Hall) m. 2nd George H. Jackson, Apr. 18, 1882, Tecumseh.
b. Aug. 2, 1843 d.

Their child,
Hosea G. Jackson b. Mar. 16, 1883 m. July 21, 1907, Minnie Kitchen b. July 29, 1884, Washington Twp.

Marlatt, Jerry H. And Louise Henig were m. Feb. 22, 1887 by Rev. W.W. Case,
Louise Henig b. Aug. 27, 1867 Adrian, d.

Children of Jerry H. And Louise Marlatt:

Roy Marlatt b. Sep. 1, 18 m. Rachel Harris
Floyd N. Marlatt b. Mar. 25, 1891 m. Christine Johnson
Leslie Marlatt b. July 16, 1893 m. Alice Walsh

Marlatt, Edward B. and Gertrude Holmes were m. Nov. 28, 1895
Gertrude b. May 21, 1880

Their child,

Althea Marlatt b. July 4, 1897

(Records furnished by Jerry H. Marlatt, Butler Street, Adrian.)


(On a new page.)


(Date above, written in by hand)

Clark Hall was born in Norway, N.Y., in 1809 and in 1832 he married Harriet S. Treat by whom he had two children now living. He came to Mich. In May 1836 and located a farm. Hardships were many, having at times to sift the bran for bread-making; meat was plentiful as deer of turkey could be killed any morning.

They buried five children in 12 years, and their dau. Semantha Ives, died in August, 1872, leaving Hosea and Seloma E. Jackson to Mourn his loss. Mr. Hall’s first wife died Mar. 6, 1867 of consumption. He then had his sister, Elsie Brown, come and keep-house for him. In Dec. he returned to the home of his childhood and there married Libbie Thornton, and brought her back with him; they lived together untill 1873 when she wished to go east and visit her children by a former husband. While there she sickened and died and was buried by her first husband.

Mr. Hall then had to call on his sister Elsie again to keep-house for him untill Nov. 29, 1874 when he married Ellen Hawker of Tecumseh. They lived together ten years when death again took his wife, Ellen, Oct. 20, 1884. Not wishing to live with his children, Mr. Hall called upon the sister of his last wife, Lydia Clark, to make a home for him untill his death, Oct. 8, 1886 of palsey. The funeral was held from the house, on the 10th, Richard Harkness of the Friends Church officiating, having been near neighbors for years. He was laid to rest between his first and last wives in North Adrian cemetery.

Grave Desecration

An unfortunate experience came to the family of Nathan Marlatt, when it was discovered that his grave in North Adrian cemetery had been robbed of the body. It was so clumsily accomplished that it was known at once. Officers at once went to Ann Arbor to investigate the loss among the bodies used in the discecting room of the University Medical School. It was identified immediately, as it had not been put in the pickling vat, and the body returned to the family.

Not only was the body discovered but parties were found who had seen in delivered at the receiving room of the Medical College and a discription of the thieves obtained, the livery stable found where the horse and wagon were hired; the discription fitted certain young student, Emery Watts, and a helper, Frank Norton of Adrian. They were arrested and the former sentanced to two years at Ionia, and the latter to one year at the same place. (1880)

(End of page)


The balance of the records included here are obviously not bible records. No indication of where the information was found is made. Indeed there are references to page numbers that do not appear to make sense, so we ask, page numbers to what?? Due to the nature of these records we will not attempt to indicate which are typed and which are handwritten. The handwritten sections were at times hard to read, we appolgize in advance for errors that may appear.

as connected with the BOVEES

Enoch Marlatt b. on 1845 census
Anna Sutton, his wf, b. in Charleston, Montgomery Co., N.Y. & a sister of Olive Sutton, who married Henry Bovee. See page 1.

Enoch and wife came to Michigan about 1835.

Anna Sufton Marlatt d. Summer of 1840 in Hudson.

Children of Enoch & Anna Marlatt as compiled by Dr. Herbert W. Bovee:

1.) Obed b. May 20, 1799 m. Anna Bovee, dau. Henry (over--note, the reverse side of this page will appear below in a unit) d. Aug. 2, 1830 see p.4

2.) Benjamin T. b. Mar. 1, 1801 m. Nancy Johnson, 1st b. Feb. 9, 1809 d. Oct. 21, 1837, N. Adrian.

Benjamin & Anna Bovee, 2d wf m. Oct. 14, 1838.

Benjamin and Nancy Johnson had:

A. Nathan b. Mar. 18/19, 1830 d. Oct. 19, 1880 m. Dec. 29, 1856, Seloma E. Hall, Tecumseh.

Nathan & Seloma (Hall) Marlatt had:

Jerry H. b. Oct. 3, 1866
Edward B. b. July 7, 1868
Harriet A. b. Dec. 13, 1871 d. July, 1916 m. Chas. Randall

B. Esther Ann b. Apr. 23, 1834 d. 1911 m. July 4, 1852 Henry Vedder see p.2 b. July 23, 1825, Yates, Orleans Co., N.Y. d. 1905 bur. London Tp, Monroe. Vedders came Mich. Sep. 1834.

Benjamin m. 2nd Anna Bovee Wid. Obed Marlatt, his bro.

They had:

C. Angeline b. July 29, 1840, Adrian d. m. Sep 26, 1861 Horace S. Fowler of Adrian, See 5 b. 1835 C.H.R. A:442

3.) Enoch Jr. b. m. Hannah Salisbury

They had:

Wellington, Roscoman, Wesley, who d. In service.

4.) Christiana b. Feb. 16, 1791 m. Jacob Bordine

(End of page)

Reverse of page, all data on reverse of page was handwritten and difficult to read:

Obid & Anna had dau Eliza A. Marlatt b. Yates, Orleans Co., Aug. 10, 1824. She came Mich. 1833 with her uncle, Jacob Boon. m. Apr. 19, 1840 Stephen Knight, b. July 15, 1814, son Daniel & Sally (Tubbs).

Obid b. May 20, 1799; d. Aug 2, 1830; Anna b. Feb. 10, 1805, d. May 4, 1879.
Stephen Knight b. Greenwood, Oxford Co., Maine, July 15, 1814.
They had son, Stephen H. b. Nov. 13, 1852, Adrian.

A Rec. A:254/256 states:
Vedder, Anna, dau. Obediah & Christina Marlatt d. July 8, 1881 ae 75 the other d. Aug. 1881 ae 57.

Eliza A. (Marlatt) Knight b. Aug 10, 1824 Yates, Orleans Co.
Mother Anna b. Feb. 10, 1805 d. May 4, 1879

(End of page)


Ch. Of Enoch & Anna (Sutfon) Marlatt con.,

5.) Esther Marlatt b. Nov. 17, 1807 m.Jacob Bovee, his 1st wf See p.4.

6.) Charlotte Marlatt b. m. William Louden

7.) John Marlatt b. m. Clezena Vantafany

8.) Sally Marlatt b. m. Witheral Herrington
Sally d. Penn.

9.) Lovica Marlatt b. June 30, 1810 m.Mattias Bovee, see p. 3.

10.) Olive Marlatt b. m. Ephraim Vanness

11.) Charity Marlatt b. m. Thomas Porter


Jacob Bordine was born in the Mohawk Valley, Dec. 18, 1765, and died in Yates , Orleans Co, N.Y., Jan. 30, 1836. He married Christiana Marlatt, probably in Montgomery Co., N.Y., born Feb. 16, 1791 in that County. She d. June 26, 1860, Washtenaw County, Mich. Augusta Tp. Ae 69-4-10 (over) [as before the reverse of the page will be included in full after the front of the page, see below.] Came Mich. From Orleans.

Jacob & Christiana (Marlatt) Bordine had:

Anna Bordine b. 6/7/1812 d. 11/10/1890 m. Herman Vedder see p.2, over

Allen Bordine b. Oct 23, 1817 d. ___(can’t read) 20, 1871 London Tp, Monroe Co., m. Luvina Vedder, see p.2 over

Samantha Bordine b. 1822 m. Aaron Jones 1814 over 1900

Abraham Bordine b. m. Caroline Lott [m.3 times]
Branch Co. m. Mahala, 2d.

David Bordine b. 1820 m. Loretta Smith. They were parents of Jay who m. Huldah Bovee see p. 11 and lived Dover & Gratiot Co.

Olive Bordine b. m. James Palmer Res. Ohio.

Benjamin Bordine b. Sep. 28, 1825 d. June 9, 1893 Flag. No. Dover m. Charlotte V. Parker

Sarah Bordine b. m. Perry Johnson Dover

Jacob Bordine b. 1832 m. Lucy Ann Smith Nov. 29, 1857 sister of Loretta

Daniel Bordine b. Unm. Killed Civ. War.


From cem. Notes: Margaret Whiteman Bordine wf S.W., b. July 15, 1844, d. Mar 9, 1934 ae 89, bur Tecumseh
S.W. d. Jan. 5, 1916

(End of page)

Reverse of page, again all notes on reverse are handwritten:

Vedder, Harmon, d. Sep. 23, 1885, ae 79-8-8 G.R.
Anna Bordine wf “ d. Nov. 10, 1890 ae 78-5-3 So. Dover
m. Orleans Co. N.Y.

Bordine, David d. Jan. 16, 1892 ae 72
“ “Mother” b. Dec. 27, 1826 d. June 26, 1916
“ Lucy A., d. Sep. 12, 1876 ae 41-9-11 G.R., So. Dover
“ Luvina, wf Allen W., d. Feb. 14, 1858 ae 35y 6 m Co. Line Cem.

Bordine, David b. 1820 d. Jan. 16, 1892
“ Loretta b. Dec. 27, 1826 d. June 26, 1916 So. Dover
“ Philip D., son above d. Nov. 27, 1893 ae 44-3-28 b. July 29, 1849

Ithaca Court House
Lucy A., b. Dec. 1, 1834 d. Sep. 12, 1876 Dover
David M. 1866-1908 G.R.

Bordine, Christina wf Jacob bur. Co. Line Cem. Monroe Co., res. Augusta Tp, Washtenaw Co.

Bordine, Peter Clyde d. Mar. 16, 1908 ae 26-0-28 son David & Hulda #4692-B.205 Ithaca Court House

Jones, Aaron 1814-1900
“ Samantha Bordine, his wf 1822-1902
“ John L. 1842-1843
“ Ira A. 1848-1849
“ Mary E. 1854-1861
“ Josephine 1861-1864

Bordine, Benjamin b. Sep. 28, 1825 d. June 9, 1893 No.Dover p.22

Vedder, Hermon d. Sep. 23, 1885 ae 82y----A:25

Bordine Elnora C. & Eugene Haywood m. Feb. 20, 1883 at Medina Res. Rome

Bordine LaVerne W., 1899-1915 W.W. No. Dover cem.

(End of page)


JACOB, b. Dec. 18, 1765, Mohawk Valley, d. Jan. 30, 1836, Orleans Co.
Christiana Marlatt, dau Enoch & Anna (Sutfon) Marlatt, he m. d. June 26, 1860, Washtenaw Co. b. Ae 69-4-10

Ch of David Jay & Hulda (Bovee) Bordine:

Allen Earl b. Jan. 7, 1877, North Star d. 1932 GR m. Elizabeth Hull
Martha Evadne b. Feb. 29, 1879, North Star
Peter Clyde b. Feb. 18, 1882, North Star, d. Mar. 16, 1908 son David & Hulda
Harry b. Feb. 15, 1884, North Star
Baby girl b. June 25, 1886 d. 1886, N. Star
Vedith b. July 28, 1888
Donnie Merl b. Mar. 17, 1891, North Star, d. 1893 Grationt County, N. Star

Effie May b. Feb. 16, 1874 Dover
Vanora Adell b. Feb. 6, 1871, Dover, m. Asa Schaull Dec. 6, 1891, Ithaca
Flora Loret b. Oct. 5, 1867 (very hard to read), Dover, m. Peter Drake
Willie b. Jan. 28, 1869, Dover.

(End of page)

On reverse side, handwritten, with an attempt at some type of numbering of generations which was confusing at best, therefore is not repeated herein:

Bordine, Peter Clyde d. Mar. 16, 1908 ae 26-0-28 son of David Jay & Huldah C.H. Rec #3693C164

Bordine, Allen Earl & Elizabeth Hull had Wanda Fae, d. Feb. 2, 1918, ae 10 m 4 da #8266-B367 Court House Rec. Ithaca

Allen & Levina (Vedder) had Philip D., d. Nov. 27, 1893 ae 44-3-28 Court House Rec. Ithaca.

(End of page)

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