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Many Bible records were made before the official recording of births, weddings & deaths occurred at the various County seats. Traveling into a County Court House by horse to see that a birth, death or marriage was recorded was difficult. Bible records are indeed a resource of great importance to family researchers.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Edwin J. Shepherd Bible and Family Records

Found at the Lenawee County Historical Society Archives Museum, in a Hollinger box, file labeled “Shepherd”.

Edwin J. Shepherd Family

James Harvey Shepherd b. June 6, 1886, Sunday, 7 o’clock

Adelaide Angell Shepherd b. Aug. 8, 1888, Monday

Stanley E. Shepherd b. June 12, 1892, Sunday, 11 o’clock

James Harvey m. July 24, 1918, Norma Allen, of Grand Rapids, dau. William Hickock Allen & Amelia Pauline Sicbenesicher, b. Sep. 30, 1886, at Grand Rapids. They reside Detroit.

They have,
Marian Allen Shepherd, b. July 8, 1919 at Detroit,
m. Aug. 16, 1941, Ross John Martin, of Ferndale,
son George Martin & Bulah McNichol at Detroit,
b. (1943) Lt. J. G. U.S.N.R. Had resided Urbana, Ill.

Nancy Allen Shepherd b. (Date withheld due to privacy reasons)

Adelaide Shepherd m. Jan. 6, 1917, Howard Parsons Brydon, of Bloomington, Md., son William A. Brydon & Susan Brady, b.

They have:
Jane Crosby Brydon b. Feb. 22, 1918 in Washington, D.C.
m. Nov. 16, 1942 to Henry Charles Power III, b. July 28, 1918 at Portland, Maine, son Henry Charles Power II & Marjory _____.
Now (1943) located with the American Air Lines, LaGuardia Field, N.Y.

Patricia Brydon b. Mar. 23, 1920, Washington, D.C.
m. June 22, 1943 at 6:30 o’clock, Tucson, Ariz., to
Merritt E. Freeman of Minneapolis, Minn., 2nd Lieut.
in U. S. Army Air Corps, with the Air Ordnance dept. of
the 39th Bombardment Squadron.
Patricia Brydon graduate of Adrian High and Siena Heights College.

Stanley E. Shepherd m. Sep. 9, 1916 at Detroit, Hazel Kahl of Detroit, Reside Fisher Road, Detroit

They have:
Josephine M. Shepherd b. Sep. 27, 1920

Kathrine Adelaide Shepherd b. (date withheld due to privacy)
On June 13, 1943 was the announcement of marriage to
First Sargt. George Thomas Croll, son of George W. Croll, of Wiltshire Drive, Detroit.

Edwin James Shepherd d. Apr. 15, 1923, in Adrian, Druggist, 32 degree Mason, Presbyterian

David Esoe Angell, father of Lena Shepherd b. Sep. 13, 1837; d. Feb. 18, 1895, Adrian

James Harvey (or Henry) Shepherd, Grandfather d. Sep. 12, 1908, Dover
b. Dec. 13, 1829
See “Biog. Album of Lenawee Co.”, Chapman, p. 410, for record of James H. and father, Rev. Paul Shepherd.

Adell, wf, David Esco Angell and dau Nathan & Sarah (Gardner) Tuttle, b. Jane. 18, 1845, in Penn., d. Feb. 17, 1926, in Adrian.

Brydon, Jane Crosby m. in Washington, D.C., Nov. 16, 1942,
Henry Charles Power, Jr. of Portland Maine.

Lena B. Angell Shepherd, wf Edwin James, d. in Adrian, Sep. 14, 1943


An exposition of the Old and New Testament by Matthew Henry.
Published by Towar & Hogan, No. 255 Markey Street,
John P. Haven, N.Y., and Robert Patterson, Pittsburg

Paul Shepherd was m. to Asenath Mack, March 27, 1827

Jane E. Shepherd was m. to Samuel Benham, April 19, 1849 [of Dover Twp.]

James H. Shepherd was m. to Roxana McMath, Sep. 27, 1856 [Dover]

Saunders R. Shepherd was m. to Mary C. Crosby, Dec. 11, 1861


Paul Shepherd was b. June 3, 1803 [near Penn Yan, N. Y.]
Asenath Mack was b. Nov. 10, 1810 [Canandaigua, N.Y.]
Jane Elizabeth Shepherd b. Feb. 10, 1828
James Henry Shepherd b. Dec. 13, 1829
Martha Shepherd b. July 27, 1831
Saunders R. Shepherd b. Dec. 20, 1837
Asenath Shepherd b. May 25, 1843
William Mack Shepherd b. July 3, 1845 [Resides St. Joseph, Mo.]

Birth of Grandchildren:
Asenath Benhan b. Apr. 10, 1850
George W. Benham b. Mar. 13, 1854
Francis Shepherd b. Jan. 28, 1853
Eliza Asenath Shepherd b. Mar. 31, 1855
Eddy and Ida Shepherd b. Aug. 10, 1858
Jane Asenath Robinson b. Aug. 15, 1857

[Martha Shepherd was m. to Harvey P. Robinson, Sep. 24, 1856]

Asenath Shepherd d. Jan. 4, 1844
Jane E. Benham d. May 13, 1856, [Leavenworth, Ks]
Paul Shepherd d. Nov. 9, 1860 [Dover Twp.]
Eliza Asenath Shepherd d. Mar. 1, 1861

[Edwin James Shepherd m. June 8, 1885 to Lena B Angell] Adrian

Birth of their children: (note there does not seem to be any entries for children ??)


(Note: it is not clear if the following records were actually in the Shepherd Bible, or were records that were included in the Family Records. )

James Henry Shepherd was b. Dec. 13, 1829
d. Sep. 12, 1908
Roxanna McMath of Ypsilanti was b. June 13, 1829
d. 1894
m. Apr. 7, 1852

Their children:

1.) Frank E. b. Jan. 28, 1853, Dover,
m. Susie McMillan
Cornelia Elizabeth, m. Sep. 4, 1926,
Morgan Seaman, son S.S. Campbell of Englewood, N. J.,
Susan Shepherd and Priscilla also daus.

2.) Eliza b. Mar. 30, 1855 d. Mar. 1, 1861

3.) Edwin J. b. Aug. 10, 1858 d. Apr. 15, 1893, at Adrian
Druggist, 32d Degree Mason, Presyterian, Republican

4.) Ida J. b. Aug. 10, 1858
m. Feb. 28, 1876, John M. Abbott of Dover d. “1851-1916"
Gander m.

5.) William Fleming b. Apr. 26, 1863 d. May 21, 1925 at Adrian
m. Emma Bovee, Mar. 27, 1887 she b. July 13, 1863 d. July 24, 1942

6.) Otis H. b. 1870 Cadmus
m. June 5, 1891 to Emma L., dau Henry & Lovisa Drake,
they had Paul E., b. Feb. 13, 1898

At this point the typist of the extracted records went up the side of the page with some additional notes, in fact, these notes were handwritten:

Otis H. d. June 2, 1943

Otis, son of James H. & Roxanna Shepherd,
b. 1870 Dover d. Jan. 2, 1943, Spokane, Wash.
m. June 5, 1891, Emma L. dau. Henry & Lovisa Drake

They have,
Mrs. I. C. Henson, Spokane, Wash.
Mrs. Victor Sother, of Troy, Mont.
Mrs. Harry Young, of San Francisco, Calif.
Paul Shepherd, of New Jersey, b. Feb. 13, 1898
Otis Floyd Shepherd of Philadelphia, Pa.
7 gr children; sist,
Mrs. Ida Abbott Gander of Cadmus
Wid. survives; 1 son, 1 dau preceded him in death.

He was a R.R. man & was with the old Lake Shore & Michigan Souther; for 35 years he was with the Great Northern Railroad in Montana; yard master. Spent winters in San Diego, Calif., Presbyterian. Bur. Spokane

Frank E., son of James H. & Roxanna McMath, b. Jan. 28, 1853, Cadmus,
d. Jan. 15, 1931, Cheboygan, Mich.
m. Feb. 4, 1879, Susan McMillen
Was Circuit Judge at Cheboygan

(The following was handwritten.)
Child. Of William F. : William M. b. March 11, 1898
Esther R. b. November 11, 1891
Emma Bovee, dau. Arthur & Esther (Cuass), Par. Samuel & Sarah Crane


This particular record is rather confusing and has some entries that should be questioned. Please use caution and verify the information whenever possible. See Note below.

NOTE: Family members, Pat and Christa contacted us about this record. They point out that Amelia Pauline Sicbenesicher, as indicated as wife of James Harvey Shepherd, has a surname that is frequently mis-spelled and rather difficult to research. They tell us her maiden name should be spelled, Siebeneicher. Thanks Pat and Christa for this clarification.

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